Mrs Helen Sequeira

Helen Sequeira makes this amazing Kori Chicken or Chicken sukka. This morning she came over to show me how to make this simple chicken dish which has always got me salivating. Recipes MUST be shared. There is no point in taking them to your grave. Enjoy and let me know how it turned out. 

For Masala 

Cloves                                      24

Peppercorns                       2 table spoons

Jeera                                        2 heaped tea spoons

Cinnamon                             1 inch piece

Cardamom                           3

Kashmiri chilly                30

Coriander seeds               7 heaped table spoons

Other ingredients

Chicken                                  1 ½  kgs

Onions                                    3 medium

Ginger garlic paste           I table spoon

Grated coconut               ½ coconut

Lime juice                             ½ lime


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