Go and do likewise Luke10:37

Go and do likewise – Luke 10:37

When I first met Theresa seven years ago I was shocked at the condition in which she lived. Appapada is lost somewhere in what should have been part of the national park( now happily encroached upon). She along with about thirty families live on this hillock which has no running water or electricity.

What touched my deeply this morning were the accompanying photographs from the community animator, Robert Dsouza. Theresa along with three other financially challenged women (Aveline, Chitra and Philomena)got together and cooked a meal for the poor of the area and fed them in her hut. The poor ministered to the poor.

This post is not written to make you feel guilty or to remind you how privileged you are; In a way, I myself am tired of ‘religious guilt’. This post is to empower you to do likewise.

Perhaps you may feel like cooking a meal in your house and feeding people who live around your residence. Or perhaps you could tip your hardworking postman, offer a glass of juice to your courier boy, offer a cup of chai to the one who collects your garbage, give a Lenten bonus to your domestic help, reach out to the office assistant and share your lunch with them; the list is endless.

Just for today become another Theresa to some one (like Mother Teresa did) And if you were deeply touched by the gesture of these women then share this ‘GOOD NEWS’ with others.

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Fr Warner Dsouza

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One thought on “Go and do likewise Luke10:37”

  • Hi Fr. Warner
    Appreciate the list of suggestions you have given for reaching out to others and sharing. Just want to say that more people than you think are doing these little acts of sharing not only during Lent but throughout the Year. It’s a fact believe you me . May their tribe increase and may the good Lord bless them abundantly and may their generosity be refilled to overflowing.
    For taking us through the Lenten journey “thank you”


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