“I am”- 5th Week of Lent – Thursday- John 8:51-59



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4 thoughts on ““I am”- 5th Week of Lent – Thursday- John 8:51-59”

  • All we really need to do is talk to Him. … he will answer all our questions and clear all our doubts. Even if we do not find the words to talk to him in our confusion, just to sit in His presence is enough. Just to know He lives in our hearts is our salvation and Joy. The great I AM came to draw ALL to Himself. ALL.

  • Yeah, that’s what Pope Francis often exhorts. Read the Gospels often during the day just for few moments and spend some time before the Eucharist, and the Lord who sees a sincere searcher, will reveal Himself in surprising ways to you. This is the way to know Him

  • Father ..you have been blessed with the rare ability to interpret the word of God in a stylish way in an honest way..

    The explanation of the Name of Jesus “I AM” in the Gospel of John is remarkable.

  • Loved this one. 🙂


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