Simple truths – Do you choose to be happy or right ?

Here is a simple truth I learnt many years ago; in any relationship one can be happy or one can be right, you can’t be both. It’s a choice you have to make because relationships demand that such a choice be made.

So then are all relationships a series of well accepted compromises? Call it what you want but compromise is really not a bad word in a relationship and the more you grow to accept it the happier you shall be.

 Think about it. If you make a choice in your relationship to be simply happy then being ‘right’ (about anything) with the other is of little consequence. The belief that your spouse or significant other continues to hold is immaterial. In reality you know the truth and you choose to let go. You are happy while they believe they are right (often ridiculously so).

But should you choose to be right then you forfeit your option to be happy. Now you cling on to the thoughts and beliefs in your head. You are convinced that your way is the only way and there is no room for the opinions of others. You won the battle with your argument and clever words, you made your point but you know you lost the war. You are now ‘right’ but sadly left feeling all wrong. Your partner may have conceded but you know you have ended up in a hopelessly unhappy situation around you.

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