Palm Sunday; Faithful or Fickle ?- Gospel Matthew 21:1-11- At The Procession with Palms

Imagine a grand wedding celebration on a Sunday, and a separation and divorce on the Friday of the same week. Insane you think? Pottypadre has flipped his wig finally! Well not entirely. Think about it; you welcome the Lord with shouts of ‘Hosannas’ on a Sunday and cry ‘crucify him’ on a Friday. How’s that for irony? Fickle humans, that’s what we are.

The first time this fickle drama took place was on the tenth day of the month of Nissan, in Jerusalem. Nissan is first month of the Hebrew ecclesiastical year, also called Aviv. On this day, Jewish families flocked to the temple of Jerusalem to select a lamb that would be sacrificed on the fourteenth day of Nissan (that would be a Thursday). But the gospel of John tells us that the Passover was celebrated on a Friday, Good Friday to be precise. How do we reconcile this?

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