Chick pea curry with cauliflower and peas

When cooked to make a curry, chick pea or Kabuli chana is absolutely mind blowing. Chickpeas are buttery and creamy and have a very strong nutty flavour. I wanted to make a curry that had a different colour and so I came up with this little dish which I liked very much and would like to share with you. The combination of cauliflower and chickpea is fantastic.

Ingredients to be pressure cooked
Chickpea – 200 grams, soaked overnight
Onions – two large, chopped
Tomatoes – two medium
Green chillies – four chopped
Garlic – ten cloves
Salt – one tablespoon

Ingredients for the curry
Cauliflower – 600 grams before cleaning, broken down into bite sized florets
Peas- one handful
Garam masala – one tea spoon

Oil or ghee

Ingredients for tempering
Tomato – half and nearly chopped into very small dices
Curry leaves – one sprig
Jeera/cumin- one teaspoon
Garlic – six cloves

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