Paneer chilli

1/2 kg Paneer – I buy it from Sindh Punjab
4 – capsicums medium sized sliced into julienne
2 – large bulbs of garlic cut finely
Ginger – skinned and cut finely to match the quantity of the chopped garlic
4 – green chillies sliced
2 – large cubes of Maggi vegetable or chicken cubes
2 tablespoons dark, thick soy sauce. I used a mushroom flavoured sauce
Salt if necessary
Crushed pepper – if you want it spicy ( I have not made the dish spicy)
1/2 cup Spring onions – use the green leaves chopped finely

Please take the time to cut the garlic and the ginger neatly (brunoise or fine dices)

Fry the paneer cubes in a non stick pan. Set aside with any liquid that it might leave. If it did leave a liquid then your pan was not hot enough but you can use the liquid all the same

In a non stick pan, fry the green chillies in some oil followed by the ginger and garlic. You need to cook out the raw taste of the garlic and ginger and this takes a minute on high flame. Add the cubes of paneer and the soy sauce and stir it all well. Now add the paneer and any liquid and mix it all well. Taste for salt. Finally add the sliced capsicum and the green onion and stir and serve. If you like the capsicums a bit cooked, continue to cook the dish for a minute more. I prefer the dish to have an element of crunch whcih comes with the capsicum

If you want a bit of gravy to this dish then add a tablespoon of cornflour dissolved in a cup and a half of water to the dish at the end and continue cooking for a minute but stirring constantly.

Enjoy and leave your comments

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