The Storm on the Sea of Galilee
Rembrandt van Rijn
Whereabouts unknown since 1990

The artist captures the moment when the boat caught in the storm is about to run aground. Huge waves beat the bow and rip the sail. Nature is pitched against human frailty.

The panic-stricken disciples struggle through a variety of reactions. Some fight to gain control while others succumb to the sea’s violence. Still, others are sick, afraid, angry, resigned, retching, praying, lost, and desperate.

Interestingly there are fourteen men aboard. Rembrandt painted himself at the centre, mirroring the viewer. Isn’t it is easy to recognize ourselves in this story, juggling through different emotions in our turbulent storm? Vulnerable and overwhelmed we cry out, ‘We are perishing’ and Jesus reminds us again, ‘Do not be afraid.’ Jesus is in our boat and that’s all we will ever need.

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