I am posting these pictures lest WE FORGET. We tend to have goldfish memories and have a penchant for either not voting or voting for politicians who fail us. I have no qualms in saying this, that if it had not been the insistence of the CM of Maharashtra to shut down the state, the scenes of North India would have played out on the streets of Mumbai in unprecedented numbers.
In any other nation political heads would have rolled and governments would have resigned. Sadly, in India, failure is rewarded. So that leaves us with just the ‘hope’ that moral responsibility kicks in and politicians resign which you and I know they won’t. They will die clinging to seats of power.

We cannot and must not be afraid to say what we should to our government, after all are we not a democracy? Or is India truly afraid? I refuse to sit on the sidelines with my opinion, living in fear while thousands die due to our desire to be politically correct or silent in fear. You have failed this nation Mr Modi and do not dress betrayal as a favour ( vaccines) #ResignModi

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