Tisroys – Shell fish in a thick gravy

Shells – one pan full

Wash any sand off the shells and boil them in water. The shells will now open up. Break the shell which has no meat and discard it. The stock needs to be preserved however make sure you discard the sediments in the stock which generally has sand.

To make the gravy
Coconut – 1/4
Garlic – 10 pods
Pepper corns – 10-15
Turmeric – one teaspoon
Jeera – one teaspoon
Tamarind – lime sized ball
Ginger – one inch

Grind the above ingredients in a blender into a coarse paste. In a pot add oil and saute two small onions that have been chopped fine. Fry till golden brown in colour. Add the ground masala and fry for two minutes on low heat. Add the stock about a cup and continue to cook making sure the gravy is thick. Add the cooked shells and mix well and continue cooking. If needed, add a bit more stock. Do not add salt as the shell are salty. Make sure that the gravy is thick.

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