Red Thai Curry (My Jugaad method)

For me cooking is both an art and a necessity. There are days I would labour over a dish and days when I would employ the great Indian jugaad (hack). Today I made a Thai red curry but cheated big time. The long and short of it is that it worked and no one was any wiser

I took a packet of ready Thai curry and improvised by adding fresh coconut, prawns and white pumpkin. Even though one may not use pumpkin I just had this about and thought of using it and it works well.


Prawns – 200 grams

Pumpkin – 250 grams

Thai Red Curry Paste – one packet, any one will do

Fresh coconut – ¼ grated and ground with the red curry paste

Coconut powder – a handful

Tobasco/chilli flakes for extra heat – about ten drops/half a tea spoon

Kaffir lime leaves – four

Fish sauce – one tea spoon

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