When enemies make strange bed fellows- Saturday- Octave of Easter- Acts 4:13- 21

A trial of sorts is on and Peter and John stand accused of an act of kindness. It has taken the might of Jewish Sanhedrin to come together.  Politics they say make strange bed fellows, and so this incident should not raise eyebrows in surprise.

We are told that Peter and John have healed a cripple in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. A frenzied crowd sees in this act, not the hand of God, but the wonders of humans. Peter gives all the glory to Jesus of Nazareth and calls for a repentance of sin, which leads to the second mass conversion of five thousand people; this time in the very temple of Jerusalem.

Prompted by jealousy, the might of the Sanhedrin gets together; yet as I said it’s a strange assembly for among Peter and John’s accusers, are groups of people who would not get under one umbrella on even the stormiest day; yet they now stand side by side.

Take for example the Pharisees who now stand beside the Sadducees. One understands why the Sadducees were jumping up and down protesting against Peter and John, for John and Peter were preaching a resurrected Christ. The Sadducees denied the belief in the resurrection and angels, something that the Pharisees held close to their heart. Yet while they could never see eye to eye on anything, they now choose to stand hand in hand against the apostles.

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