Anxiety hampers faith but trust boosts faith – Thursday – First week of Advent Isaiah 26:1-6

The reading of today is part of a larger prayer for deliverance. It its immediate context it is a song of jubilation and victory for the people of Judah who have been promised deliverance from their oppression under the Assyrians. Today’s song of jubilation is a companion piece to the hymn of 25:15 (yesterday’s text)

The prophet Isaiah had prophesied that God would destroy their enemies and wait on them at the great banquet at which fine marrow and the best wine would be served. This promise was given to a people who in reality were starving and deprived of food. Yet they are called not to give in to anxiety but to trust in God.

At the heart of this song of deliverance is a reminder and a promise to all, to trust in Yahweh the “rock of all ages.” For “He keeps in perfect peace, those whose mind is set on Him because they trust in Him.” (Verse 3).

We often feel we are at peace when we trust someone in our life. We feel a sense of assurance that they will never harm us and that is why we let our guard down and our defenses lie exposed. We choose to become vulnerable because we know that this person won’t let us down. Yet time and time again our hearts are broken by the very ones we love and trust.

While humans fail, God never fails. This is the assurance the prophet wants to give the people of Judah and to us. We invest so much of our time searching for the right person in whom we can entrust our lives in order to find happiness and peace and yet invest so little in building a relationship with God.

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