BBQ chicken

Dinner was cooked in a new cast iron pan given to me as a gift from my sister Cherida Fernandez and brother in law Craig Fernandez.

I split half the chicken that I purchased this morning and used some for the stew which I made for lunch and the remaining I marinated with some BBQ sauce made by organic larder ( also a gift from my sister ). To about four table spoons of this sauce I added one tea spoon of chilli powder and half a tea spoon of crushed pepper powder, one tea spoon of ginger and garlic paste and salt to taste.

After resting the meat for six hours I sautéd six cloves of garlic in hot oil and dropped in the chicken with the marinade. I added a little water and cooked till the gravy reduced to a thick sauce. ( alternatively you could use corn flour). I finished the dish with homemade dried celery powder and home made orange peel powder. Garnish with pomegranate to break the deep brown colour. This is best eaten with a side of white rice and grilled or boiled vegetables.

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