Nothing happens by chance. In truth we are more blessed than we are lucky. Eight years ago we at the Archdiocesan Heritage Museum, were blessed to have Mr R.K Moorthy and Jacinta Moorthy walk into our lives; this when we did not even know the worth, value or the know how of setting up a collection. With years of experience tucked under their belt they stepped up to the plate and freely lent their time and service to what has now become a great Archdiocesan Institution.

Such knowledge, I thought to myself, must be shared with others and so I engaged the two in a lively discussion on antique furniture. The joy and pleasure of living with fine antique furniture is available to many people who hesitate to make that first purchase because they don’t know how to go about it. Lack of knowledge, a previous bad experience with a dealer, or horror stories from friends are enough to deter many a potential buyer. Substantial sums of money can be involved, so caution is understandable and advisable.

With their wisdom of a lifetime in the field, the Moorthy’s revealed that there are 7 basic questions which should be answered before buying a Colonial piece of furniture or an Indian artefact, and these answers should be provided willingly by the dealer. If the dealer cannot or will not provide explicit answers, don’t buy from that dealer. These questions are designed to help in choosing a piece that will be enjoyed for years to come, and in purchasing it with confidence that you have not been taken.

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