Stir fry Chicken with cashews

Boneless Chicken 300 g.
Soy sauce 2 tbs.
Cashews nuts 100 g.
Green bell peppers 100 g.
Carrot 100 g.
Spring onion 100 g.
Garlic 1tbs
Fish sauce 2 tbs
Sugar 1tsp
Chill jam/sauce 1tbs
Onion 100 g.
Dry red chilli 100 g.
Veg. Oil 100 g.

1) Marinate the chicken with fish sauce and soy sauce and sugar for 20 min.
2) Heat some oil in the wok and then add garlic and the onions. Stir until it reaches a brown colour and then add chicken. Fry for a few minutes in high flame and let the chicken cook well. Now add the chilli jam/sauce, cashew nuts, spring onions, dry red chilli and carrots and fry until everything is well mixed

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