Simple truth – You can’t slow dance with the devil.  

Here is the simple truth; many people have a relationship of tolerance with sin! The fact of the matter is that this statement won’t set off any spiritual alarm bells because we have come to accept this reality.

I have picked my words well; we have a relationship of tolerance with sin! So the simple truth is that sin exists in our lives and sadly most of us think that our sin situation is not ‘so bad’. We think it is not an issue because it is not really harming us.

Let’s take the example of the sin of telling a lie. Note, I called it a sin because that is exactly what it is. But to most people telling a lie is OK and to assuage our conscience we classify them into ‘white lies’ and ‘coloured ones’. The rationale being, if it has not caused serious harm to anyone then why make a fuss about it?

Here in lies the first problem; you cannot be the perpetrator of the crime, the judge and the jury. It is not up to you to determine the hurt or pain that your ‘white lie’ has caused to the other. If we use such a justification, then all sin can be rationally wiped away as having a ‘good reason’.

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