The Door of the Fold
Sybil Parker

The artist presents Christ as the spotless Lamb of God. His gaze is focused on His sheep. Notice the pair of turtle doves perched on the attic. Aren’t they reminiscent of the offering during the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple? The doves would soon be replaced by Christ Himself. To our right, we see the symbols of the passion – the rock signifying Golgotha, the Titulus Crucis, the Blood-red robe, and Shepherd’s staff. As the horizontal and vertical beams of wood intersect to form a Cross, the Shepherd becomes the Lamb of Sacrifice. Notice the grapevines and sheaves of wheat in the background. The Sacrifice is transformed into the Sacrament of Love. Truly, the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist is our door to Salvation.

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