East Indian bottle masala

1 1/2 kgs Red Chillies hot
1 1/2 kg Red Chilies sweet
3/4 kg Coriander seeds whole
125 grams Cumin seeds jeera
1/4 kg Sesame seed teel
1/4 kg Poppy seeds khus khus
1/4 kg Mustard seeds
1/4 kg Wheat
1/4 kg chick peas channa
Whole spices
1/4 Kg Turmeric whole
125 grams pepper corns
50 grams Cinnamon dalchini
10 grams Cloves
10 grams Naikaiser
10 grams All spice kababchuni
10 grams Cardamoms elichi
10 grams Tirphal
10 grams Maipatri mace
10 grams Star anise bardian
10 grams Caraway seeds Shahijeera
10 grams Zaipatri
1 Nutmeg

Clean and remove the stalk from the chilies (best to wear gloves when working with chilies). Dry chilies and all spices in the sun for a few days until you are sure there is no moisture in left. Dry roast the spices and chilies in an earthenware or cast iron pan.

Blend all ingredients one at a time in a spice blender. Sift and combine all the spices – so they blend well together. Fill in sterilized mason jars – label and seal well

The bottle masala can last for up to 2 years if sealed well and kept in a cool dry place. If the spices are not dried properly the spice blend can mold quickly due to moisture.

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