Chorizo and black eyed peas or chowli

I enjoy mixing and matching ingredients to create these one pot meals. Today’s dish is an attempt to blend together a great Goan favorite, Chorizo (Chouriço) or as we call it, Goa sausages with black eyed peas or chowli. I used some great homemade twelve hour smoked Goa Chorizo by Joshua from Bandra, Mumbai (9833849912)who along with the chorizo also smokes bacon and ham at home.

This is my twist on a Portuguese Feijoada a staple dish in Portugal made with cheap and easy to find ingredients. This one pot meal originally had grains, vegetables and pork meat as the main ingredients. Feijoada” comes from the word “feijão”, which mean beans and is traditionally cooked with red kidney beans or rajma. Feel free to fool around with this recipe and make it yours. This dish can be served with crusty bread or with rice.


Black eyed beans or chowli – 200 grams (soak overnight)

Onions – 300 grams or two large, minced

Tomatoes – two medium sized, chopped finely.

Potato – one very large or two medium, diced thumb nail size

Chorizo – 100 grams

Curry leave – four large sprigs

Green Chillies – four, finely minced

Ginger and garlic paste – two teaspoons

Turmeric – ½ teaspoon

Chilli Powder – 1 ¼ teaspoon

Cumin or jeera powder -1 teaspoon

Coriander powder – two teaspoons

Tomato ketchup – three tablespoons

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