Cantare has been around for more than a decade. This charming Bistro situated bang smack on the road in cruzwaddo, Saligao, is a must visit.

Several years ago, Maurice Britto returned from the USA where he had settled, to find that encroachers had taken over his beautiful one storied ancestral home. After a long legal battle the property was rightly restored to Maurice who decided to turn this ancestral house into a local watering hole.

This wooden floored restaurant has quaint interiors and large doors that allow the main dance floor area to float right out into the balcony. Food and song are in the air; you smell it, you hear it.

Cantare simply translates as ‘song’ in Konkani, that’s what you can expect every day. From jazz to rock, funk to blues an evening at cantare keeps your feet tapping and the rhythm flowing. You can even grab a microphone on karaoke nights. We were told that Mondays is especially the wild night with couples burning a hole in the dance floor. ( you should call in for reservations )

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