Making it difficult for Jesus to walk into our town!

Thursday, 1st Week in ordinary time – Mk 1:40-45

The Gospel does not tell us precisely where this miracle took place. We know that Jesus is touring the neighbouring towns of Capernaum after that eventful Sabbath day. The Gospel tells us that He came to preach ‘the’ message (Verse 38). This message of Jesus is also accompanied by miracles, especially the exorcism of demons. In Mark’s Gospel the adversary is made clear right from the start; it is satan.

While Matthew’s Gospel is called the ‘teaching’ Gospel and Luke’s, the ‘feeling’ Gospel, Mark’s Gospel is known as the ‘doing’ Gospel, for Jesus is constantly working miracles. But make no mistake, while the Gospel is punctuated with several miracles, the teaching and preaching mission of Jesus is no way diminished.

Today’s Gospel has a leper at the heart of the miracle. The term leper and leprosy as we understand today could refer to several skin conditions which were all lumped together as leprosy. In all probability, this man had some skin ailment, or else he would not be allowed within the walls of the village or town.

Whatever be the case, the man felt a sense of alienation, and desires to be healed. There is deep humility in this man, for he kneels and begs for a healing. While we empathize with those who are sick (sometimes with annoying questions or even worse, annoying medical advice), we can never totally identify with their pain and suffering. 

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