Captive for Christ- Friday, 7th Week of Easter, Acts 25:13b-21

Paul’s ordeal in Jerusalem is temporarily brought to a halt. He has cleverly argued his case as a Roman citizen and a Pharisee, thus preventing the tribunal from executing a punishment that would be illegally imposed on a Roman citizen at the same time dividing the Jews by declaring his sectarian orientation; he is a Pharisees.

The Jews, not to be outdone, swear an oath to neither eat nor drink till they kill Paul and so they hatch their plan with the help of the chief priests and elders. On the pretext of further examining Paul in the presence of the tribunal, it was decided that forty men would assassinate Paul.

Paul’s nephew gets wind of the conspiracy and takes it to Paul who alerts Lysias, the tribunal. Sensing that this was now clearly out of his control and in order to protect Paul, the tribunal sends 470 armed soldiers at night to accompany Paul to Caesarea to be handed over to Felix  the governor, so that a fair trial may be conducted.

Five days after the arrival of Paul in Caesarea the Jews arrive to present their case, this time armed with a lawyer by the name of Tertulus, who with his tongue dripping of honey in praise of Felix the governor, then begins to make his true agenda known and spins every charge from accusing Paul of being an agitator to the ringleader of the sect called Nazarenes.

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