When a Catholic priest comments on any political situation (we don’t comment on politics)for the good of the nation or for the good of the Church you find that one group of people (often Catholics in politics) begin their ‘whataboutery’ while the other groups begin to attack the priest like as if he has no role to play in nation building and ought to stick ‘his nose’ in religious matters only. We don’t ask a lawyer or a doctor not to comment on a political situation yet when it comes to religious leaders they should be seen and not heard. I suspect it’s because we do have a voice of influence and you want to shut us up. Actors (another voice of influence) sadly have been numbed into silence when it comes to their political views with political parties via their trolls calling for boycotts and attacking cinemas causing huge financial losses.

We speak of teaching politicians a lesson at the ballot box; that, one will argue, is the democratic way. Yet the ballot is stolen at the box or even worse, enforcement agencies are sent en mass to ‘convince’ you to mend your ‘wicked ways,’ ; that is if you have not sold your soul for several crores of rupees.

I know this comment comes a bit late in the Goa political scenario but I feel compelled to write as the congress MLA’s who were voted by their constituents on a congress party ticket and have now switched to the BJP, betraying their very constituents; DO YOU HAVE NO SHAME? And many may say that these politicians don’t have any shame, yet I feel compelled to ask this question even to my own MLA in my constituency. Do you not fear God ? May I remind you that if you truly profess the Christian faith then you should fear the fires of Hell.

To this, add the woes of so many people getting demolition notices along the Mapusa -Panjim highway; all in the name of infrastructural development. A nation is know not by her bridges but by the way she treats the poorest of the poor. Right now so many senior citizens are in panic mode with these demolition and ‘vacate your premises’ notices.

I am happy to put my name to this protest. I would rather say something even if it is on social media than be guilty of being complicit via my silence.

Wake up Goa your ‘true liberation’ is at hand.

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