In the 1930’s Parel had emerged as the main thorough fare that crossed Bombay from south to north. It was accessible by bus, tram and rail. The ‘Bishop’s Villa’ was located in a charmingly quiet environ sans congestion. Above all the Parel property belonged to the Archdiocese. With a ready – construction, spacious buildings and chapel, Parel appeared as the perfect possibility for the Bombay Seminary.

Nevertheless a problem had yet to be ironed out. Archbishop Joaquim Lima, with good grace, had to get the property back from the nuns. The sisters were not tenants. They had occupied the premises rent-free for nearly seventy years and their attachment to the property was understandable.

However, in perspective, in the 1930’s the situation of the Parel Convent was far different than the 1860’s. In seventy years the Nuns had established other schools in the city with their main residence at Byculla which also included a large boarding. Besides only a portion of the Parel grounds was utilized while a majority seemed to lie barren. Thus it was not unreasonable that Archbishop Lima felt that the Parel Institution be closed and the boarders and pupils moved to other schools conducted by the same congregation in the city.

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