Introduction to Jesus’ journey to Jerusalem in the Gospel of Luke

In order to help you understand the readings of the Gospel in the days to come, I am offering you a brief but helpful introductory explanation. The explanations are not meant to be some ‘reflection’ but to help you STUDY the Word of God. Hence you need to read the exegesis in the ‘faith section’ of this blog with your BIBLE OPEN.

The Galilean ministry of Jesus now comes to a close in the Gospel according to Luke and from Luke 9:51- 19:27 Jesus will journey to Jerusalem. In this section, Luke will make at least fifteen references to Jesus traveling and while Jesus makes this journey He will be the supreme teacher of His disciples who will be His witnesses of ‘the way’. This is the name in the Acts of the Apostles, also written by Luke, that is given to the early Christians.

In obedience to God’s will (9:22,44) Jesus goes on His way to Jerusalem the city that symbolizes the continuity between the old and the new in God’s plan. In Jerusalem, Jesus will complete His exodus(9:31) to God and from Jerusalem the Christian mission will travel to the ends of the earth (Acts 1-2). During this journey, Jesus instructs His disciples  about missionary travels (10:1-24) about the use of possessions (16:1-31) about prayer (11:1-13) and delivers challenging parables like those of the Good Samaritan (10:25-37) and the Prodigal Son (15:11-32).

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