Mission Accomplished – Saturday, 26th week in ordinary time – LK 10:17-24

Jesus has begun his journey to Jerusalem having completed his Galilean ministry (Luke 9:51). On ‘the way’ he sets out to teach the disciples while at the same time sending them out on mission as they walk along.

He had sent the seventy out in pairs to every town and place that he himself intended to go (10:1-2). Often, the first face of Jesus that some would ever see is the face of the disciple sent out; namely your face and mine. In that we can become the best or the worst advertisers of the Good News to others.

What  also strikes us  as we read this text is the privilege we share when we are called to minister for Christ in his vineyard. Earlier in Chapter 9:1 the twelve were given power over demons and to cure diseases. While the seventy disciples did not receive the exact mandate,(10:9) their reporting of their mission indicates that this mandate to the twelve was extended to them.

Clearly, the all-inclusive Gospel proclaimed by Luke is not merely limited to the a limited audience of faith seekers but also a wider circle of those who will minister in the vineyard. The appointment of the seventy, close on the heels of the calling of the twelve apostles, is a clear indication that the little inner circles that run rings around Church leadership is not what Christ desired. In short Christ chose the ‘more the merrier’ policy when it came to ministry rather than the exclusive cosy clubs that certain faith groups have come to be.  

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