Advent: a time when we are RE-MINDed – 3rd Sunday in Advent – Luke 3:10-18

Last Sunday, John the Baptist was given an office in the wilderness and a mission that was seemingly impossible considering that many ‘illustrious’ persons were mentioned in the Gospel were overlooked for the mission. Emperors and chief priests were not found worthy to bear the message that a simple desert prophet was. Considering that John was a nothing from nowhere one would exercise caution when approaching such a daunting task and yet John seems to be very brazen in his approach.

Verses 7 -9 which are not part of our Gospel text gives us an insight into John’s rather radical approach. Most preachers begin their homily asking for the help of God. We say, “ may almighty God bless our hearts and our lips so that we may worthily proclaim his holy Gospel.” John began name calling his congregation. He called them ‘a brood of vipers’; the most deadliest and venomous snake in the Judean desert. No matter how grave the sin of the congregation, I most certainly would not be that brazen to call you that. Yet, John’s unusual homiletic style brought him rich dividends.

There is only one reason why a preacher can call out the sins of his congregation in such a harsh manner and still get away with it; John’s congregation knew the reputation of the preacher. They knew that his authentic life permitted him to so confidently call out their sins. Here in lies a lesson for the Christian; preacher and congregant. An authentic Christian life permits us to speak boldly rather than find comfort in shadowy conversations and veiled messages.

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