Madonna of Humility
Fra Angelico
Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona

Unlike popular medieval representations, the Blessed Virgin is not seated on a majestic Gothic throne. Rather the Virgin of Humility rests against a cushion directly placed on the ground. She is cloaked in blue (divinity), red (humanity), green (life), and gold (glory). Christ Child gazes at His beautiful Mother. As He takes His first step in faith, notice the protective arm of the Gentle Mother around her Little Boy. A choir of angels bears witness to this tender affection. With much adoration, Baby Jesus offers a white lily to His dear mother. The open flower signifies Mary’s openness and Humility.Humility for Mary was not weakness but a strong-willed determination to let God’s will be done in her life. The greatness of Mary was that she constantly focused on the greatness of God.

– Archdiocesan Heritage Museum

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