‘The loveliest Masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a Mother’ – St Therese of Lisieux

You will agree that mothers are mysterious creatures. They are perhaps the most difficult to understand and almost impossible to define. The essence of their existence is so unique that even after several months of birth an infant fails to consider its Mother a separate entity. During pregnancy, they share the same body, blood, nourishment, and even breathe the same air! A new-born enters a whole new world in absolute dependence on its mother.

By nature, the identity of a mother is relational. Mothers can hardly be studied if not for the relationship they share with their children. That is where their focus lies and that is exactly where they would want the world to focus on too. A mother always goes beyond herself to identify with her child and share, rather, sacrifice her life primarily for them.

If nature has endowed Mothers with selfless-beauty that cannot be grasped, how much more beautiful and extraordinary would Mary, the Mother of God be? How much more would she live her life in union with that of her Child? And how profoundly would she point beyond herself to the greater reality of Christ? Could Mother Mary ever refuse to lead us to Jesus, her loving Son?

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