‘TGI Sunday not TGI Friday’ – Easter Sunday- Matthew 28:1-10
I am in love with two women, a man and an angel. Yup, I know I got your attention with that one! But jokes apart, I am in love with four of the possible six personages mentioned in the Easter narrative. For the time being I have left the guards out. But Mary of Magdalene, the ‘other Mary, the angel and Jesus have really got me smitten.

I am in love with the angel
Now that is some job I would most certainly want; delivering THE message of salvation, “He has been raised, as he said.” Doesn’t this beat all other angelic messages? Even the Christmas proclamation? I think so! But here is what really gets your attention about this angel, He has some chutzpah!

So he rolls the stone back and sits on it. That is certainly making a statement. Make no mistake, a few hours ago this stone that was blocking the tomb seemed like a ‘victory monument of the dead.’ Now with one swift move it has been rolled back, sat upon with victorious defiance, by the angel and has become the ‘symbol of victory over death.’

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