A Plate for Peter- Thursday- 14th week in ordinary time- Matthew 10: 7-15

The first part of the mission discourse focuses on the call or commissioning to mission. Interestingly the apostles are ‘sent’ to preach the good news but what they will experience and have to accept, is that the good news comes with a lot of bad news .  Jesus is emphatic; the call to mission has no rose garden along with the sunshine.

The mission of the apostles is clear; proclaim the good news, cure the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers and cast out demons.  This is a very powerful mandate. Imagine the excitement in a little village when the apostles raised someone from the dead.  All of a sudden these twelve ordinary men would be viewed with great awe, reverence and honour. They would be sought after for their amazing gifts.

Jesus is aware what this power can do and so He cautions His apostles. He wants them to go out armed in faith and not to put their trust in material objects. In travelling light, they are dependent on God and not on their possessions.

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