Prawn Pickle: This superb prawn pickle recipe was given to me by Mila Pereira and is time tested. There is greater joy in sharing a recipe than taking it to your grave. Please send me your comments and queries. 



1.190 kg

Kashmiri chillies

20 pieces/ 65 gms

Cumin seeds (jeera)

½ spoon/ 2.2 gms


16 pieces/ 0.6 gms (less than one gram)


7 pieces/ 0.5 gms


2 sticks/ 1 gm

Garlic flakes

7-8 pieces/ 14 gms


1 piece/ 29 gms

Little tamarind


3/4th spoon/ 2 gms

Little sugar



Grind all in vinegar (except sugar). Fry ground masala in oil and add vinegar. Let the masala cook, then add fried prawns to it. Add a little sugar. Turn off the gas and let it cool. Bottle when cool Add a little hot oil over it to cover the prawns and so preserve it. 

Extra note:

  1. Marinate prawns with 3/4th turmeric and 1 teaspoon of salt and then fry it.

  2. Take a small portion of the fried prawns and grind them and then add it to the cooked masala for extra taste.

    The ready pickle
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