Salted tongue – this recipe is from Nathan Soares.

2 tongues (1.5 kgs) – cleaned and skin removed.
Limes – 6 medium
Garlic crushed – 4 cloves
Black pepper corns – 20
Cinnamon- 3 inch stick
Salt peter – 3 tea spoons
Salt – 4 tablespoons

Powder the salt peter fine using a mortar and pestle. Wash tongues and drain them well. Prick the tongue well with a fork and make sure you do this all over the tongue. Transfer the tongue into a clean vessel. Add the powdered salt peter and 2 tablespoons of salt and the juice of the limes. Massage this well into the tongues. Cover the dish with cling film and leave it in the fridge. Turn over the tongues every second day with a pair of tongs. Cover with cling film and let it marinate in the fridge for five to six days.

On the seventh day take the cured tongues out of the fridge and let it rest out for an hour. Transfer the tongues to a pressure cooker. You may want to do this one tongue at a time depending on the size of the pressure cooker. Use the marinated juice to pressure cook the tongues. Add the spices (half if you are making two batches) and the garlic. Cover the pressure cooker with the lid and cook on a high flame till the first whistle and then lower the flame and continue to cook for the next 45-50 minutes. Set aside. Let the pressure cooker cool naturally.

Take the tongues out and check it if cooked. You can do this by inserting a sharp knife in the middle of the tongue, If it has cooked well the knife will insert smoothly. If not return it back to the pressure cooker and cook for another 15 minutes on slow fire.

Once done, let the meat cool and then transfer the meat with the juices in the pressure cooker. Cover and place in the fridge. When ready to serve, warm the vessel. Take the tongue out and discard the thick juices. Dab the tongue with a kitchen tissue or towel and then cut the slices and serve.

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