THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: A Musical Treat – Tune-In!

 The impressive inauguration ceremony of the Bombay Seminary was rendered lovelier by the breath-taking melodies that filled the evening atmosphere. The open sky, rolling hills, sprawling flowerbeds, soaring palms, riot of colours, and the myriad of lights proved but a perfect setting for the soulful evening. The Clergy Choir, the Police Band, and the Naval Band regaled the audience with emotive as well as foot-tapping renditions. Sixty years later we bring to you these scintillating compositions. To have an enlivening experience click on the YouTube link and tune in your musical minds.

October 5, 1960 – The Inauguration function opened with three lively pieces by the newly formed Clergy Choir in its first public appearance. The choir was trained under the baton of Msgr George Fernandes. The renditions included:

The Jolly Miller – Arr. By Virginia French – Also known as ‘The Miller of Dee’, this light-hearted English folk song revolves around a miller who plies his trade on the River Dee. Content with his fair living, the miller holds no concerns for inordinate pleasures. The song was put to paper as part of an 18th-century play, however, it has existed in the unwritten form several years before. Several poets have produced variations of the original. Here is one of them –

The Galway Piper – Old Irish Air – This great Irish jig is a spirited opener. Published as early as 1740, the rhythmic number makes for a rousing sing-along. Click to experience the magic in the song –

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