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For over a year and a half most of you have been receiving ‘PottyPadre’ daily. These Gospel exegesis (because they are not based on merely a thought but on sound interpretation) come to you free. In addition I have also begun to podcast the same for those who prefer  to listen to the Gospel message while on their way to work or college. At times the work load of my day permits me to merely write and I have to skip recording the podcast. I hope to be more faithful in this respect too and ask for your understanding till then. Between ministering to a parish, constructing a multi purpose structure for prayer and service to the poor, running a Museum and the Heritage Committee and lecturing to lay people and seminarians, my day often ends with me dozing before I hit the pillow.

It takes me two hours to put this all together and it is often the best part of my day.Today, I write today to make a request. Just as you freely receive this blog, please feel free to pass it on. In our confused and often tumultuous lives, the Word of God becomes a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our lives ( Psalm 119: 105) and when we share His word we become the messengers of His Good  News to those in need.

Social media with its SHARE BUTTON has reminded us to ‘share’ once again and often we share things which may be much less worthy of our time. The Word of God is worth sharing . Thank you for your continued encouragement, especially to those who write in to me and leave their comments . Your encouragement is heartening .

Many of you have also written in with ideas asking me to expand this ministry. While I thank you you I say this to you, I began this blog on Ash Wednesday 2017 at His prompting and I know that He who began a good work will see it to completion ( Philippians 1:6).

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Fr Warner D’souza

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