All of us helping all of us- Thursday, 4th week in ordinary time- Mark 6: 7-13

Most people would simply roll over and give up if they were rejected by their very own family in the pursuit of their mission or dreams.  Jesus does not ‘give up’ because He was rejected by His townsfolk; He simply ‘gives in’ to the mission of His Father. Having been rejected Himself, He empowers the twelve, giving them authority over unclean spirits.

Yet as we will see later, these very twelve ‘empowered’ apostles will begin to doubt the mission of Jesus, seeking for themselves personal glory and power. They, who had authority, seek power and glory. But for now the Gospel focuses on the mission that Jesus shares with them.

This makes one sit up and take notice of the fact that Jesus is no solo artist. He is after all God and He most certainly did not need help; yet that’s exactly what He did. His plan for salvation included all of us helping all of us and He began with twelve.

If Jesus ever started a company of his own, He would have hit losses in the first month simply because by human standards these twelve could only be categorized as losers.  Their actions ranged from betrayal, denial, abandonment, fits of anger, doubt, unrestrained opinions and what have you. Yet to these are given authority and mission.

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