Prepared not paralyzed- Saturday, 14th week in ordinary time- Matthew 10: 24-33

The last part of the mission discourse highlights the courage that the apostles need to have. Jesus has clearly spelt out what He expects from his apostles and what they are to expect when they go out in His name. Jesus however, does not leave his apostles abandoned in the face of vengeful religious bigots.  He wants them to be unafraid knowing that He is with them.

Fear is good! It’s foolish to be fearless in the face of a tiger. Only a stupid man would treat a wild tiger like he would treat a domesticated cat.  Fear helps us to be cautious and take precautions, lest we throw ourselves in harm’s way.

However, fear that constantly paralyzes us is harmful. I presume when Jesus says, “do not worry, and do not fear” He is calling his disciples to place their trust in Him. If His eye is on the sparrow, insignificant as this bird may seem, then how much more is His eye on us?

St Matthew clearly understood the dangers his infant community faced from the Jews. The Early Christians had faced persecutions that ranged from flogging to death.  The ‘them’ of verse twenty six was clear; Matthew knew who the adversaries were and the pain and persecution they could unleash. He wants his community to be prepared, yet not paralyzed, by what they are to encounter.

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