Lost with the creature? Seek the creator! – Friday, 32nd week in ordinary time – Wisdom 13:1-9

This text of today forms part of a larger section of the book of Wisdom ranging from 13:1 –17:17 and can be divided into two parts. Our text for today is the first part on nature worship and 13:10 -15:17 on idol worship. When we read the text of today, we realize that the mind of the author shows itself as more ‘understanding’ in 13:1-9 where he distinguishes one form of paganism, namely the worship of the elements, nature and heavenly bodies from the more condemnable sin of idolatry. The theme of today’s text is seen in verse one and nine, namely; God’s human creatures (which obviously includes us) should be able to see God’s power at work in the world. So, if we were to describe what is going on in today’s text, we could well describe it in the phrase, ‘missing the woods for the trees.

The first part of the text of today is directed against the ‘cult of nature’ and the nature worshippers in Alexandria. These may have included several Jews who are now influenced by the Hellenistic way of thought and life. The text begins by calling out the foolish and is directed primarily at the Hellenist (the Greek speaking people). They who were struck by the overpowering beauty of nature were fascinated by the energy displayed in natural forces, and stopped en route in their search of God. They thought that nature in itself was god.

The author calls such men out for their foolishness because they who have studied God’s creation and works now considered the works themselves as gods. They began to get distracted by the beauty and energy of created things and have failed to arrive at the knowledge of Him who created these things. They worshipped the creature instead of the creator. The works of nature are great and mighty but he who made them is exceedingly so and he can be known through these works.

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