Kitchen challenges

On Monday I moved out of my residence in Malad East which served as my residence as parish priest of St Jude Church, for the last six and a half years. The residential complex is now undergoing major repairs. I moved into an apartment int Orlem on second Dominic Lane.

I fell in love with the apartment the minute I stepped in; it was bright and airy with wonderful breeze that keeps the place well ventilated. Since this is a rented apartment, I had to respect the landlords sentiments. One of the great challenges was the kitchen. Being a chef by profession, I love to have my spices at hand and the home had very little storage. Being an artist I wanted to combine art and convenience together.

In order to preserve the tiles in my new residence and without drilling a hole in them, a board was mounted with fitting metal legs.The screws is all that holds the top of the board to the wall. Painted in black board paint, it serves as a medium to write notes and labels in the gaps. The colours of the kitchen items and the  spices accentuate the kitchen space. The wall also serves as a space for memorabilia; like the cup given to me by my brother Sean D’Souza to celebrate the Christmas of 2000, the year of my ordination.

A big thank you to my new landlords Denzil Gonsalves and Michelle Gonsalves who welcomed me into their home for a year . To Val and Elridge Dlima ( who really got me unpacking and settling in with all their contacts )and Nadia Soares and Lenny Soares who helped me move in and Sunil Pereira who provided the carpenter. Most of all to Jonny Dcruz, Shailesh Shetty, Kenneth Cornelio, Pritam Rodrigues Fr Joe Pereira ( thank you for  getting me in touch with P.N Writers who did an awesome job) who along with Pinky worked all the magic and helped me move into my new home record time.

Thank you also to Ainsley Lewis for organizing the painters and electrician. To Vida, Mila, Kanchan Hatyal Neisha Pereira for the meals when I moved in.

It takes a village to make magic happen in three days.
I am home for Christmas

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