THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: A Virtual Picnic with the Parel Seminarians!

Today the idea of basking in the sunshine at a mountain top or an open beach surrounded by a loved-ones seems but a distant dream. However, with technology at our disposal, we can journey through time and space.

A quick background before we embark upon this virtual picnic. It is important to note that the daily life of a Parel seminarian was filled with activities that fostered holistic formation. However, not only does physical and mental health require periods of relaxation, but also personal and spiritual formation demands that an important role is given to games, hobbies, outings, and the like.

At the Parel Seminary, group picnics were scheduled regularly in the year. The House-Picnic of the year, whose site was carefully selected and whose arrangements were enthusiastically undertaken, was that in honor of the Rector.

As recorded in the seminary magazine, the Diwali holidays (October – November) were spent in the hills of the verdant Khandala with great eagerness. The activities included daily swims, strenuous hikes, campfires, etc. culminating with the Seminary Sports on the grounds of St. Mary’s Villa.

Though the times and places have changed, through the following picture-trail we offer you a glimpse of the past picnics.   


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One thought on “THE BOMBAY SEMINARY: A Virtual Picnic with the Parel Seminarians!”

  • Its lovely to see the happy youthful Seminarians having an all round holistic guidance under the inspired Rector. I’m sure there are our dear priests reminiscing their happy memories at Parel Seminary. My late parents would have surely known some of them. I’ve been enjoying reading every article. Thank you Fr Warner for giving us a glimpse of the past.- Grace


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