Ability, Responsibility, Accountability – Wednesday, 29th week in ordinary time – Luke 12:39-48

Ability, Responsibility, Accountability – Wednesday, 29th week in ordinary time – Lk 12:39-48

The focus now shifts from the “oikonomos” or ‘steward who gives service to the Christian community’, represented in yesterday’s Gospel, to the ‘diligent manager’ in today’s Gospel. Luke presents Jesus as one who not only examines the diligence of the sheep but also the shepherd. Each one seems to have a responsibility in the Church that they must live up to.

The focus of today’s Gospel is the prudent manager who is tasked to look after the master’s household, especially those who work in it. His job is to ensure that they receive their allowances and food at the proper time. The infant Church of St Luke is now slowly developing leadership roles and Luke is aware that power corrupts. He presents these parables of Jesus, as He walks to his death in Jerusalem, as a reminder to all Christian leaders; their call is to be faithful disciples.

Yesterday’s Gospel had the faithful steward being rewarded with a place at the Messianic table with the Lord himself serving. In today’s Gospel the faith manager will be rewarded for his fidelity with being placed in charge of ‘all the master’s possessions’.

When the entire pericope of both the parables (faithful steward verse 32 and faithful manager verse 42) are seen together, one realises that God gives responsibilities to each according to their ability and in the same measure demands accountability. As this pericope winds down, we are reminded in verse 48 that some have been ‘given’ and some have been ‘entrusted’.

To those who have been given and this would include the majority of Christians who by their baptism share in the triple ministry of Christ as prophet, priest and king, ‘much will be required’. Then there are those who are entrusted and may I assume that would be the ministerial priesthood and those to whom responsible roles in the Church are assigned, from whom ‘much will be demanded’.

Clearly there are no free rides or free lunches in the Church. If all share in the Baptism of Christ then every Christian must fulfil their role in the Church. There is no room for arm chair Christians in the kingdom. All those who profess the faith will be held accountable, even though culpability may wary.

Fr Warner D’Souza

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One thought on “Ability, Responsibility, Accountability – Wednesday, 29th week in ordinary time – Luke 12:39-48”

  • Much is expected from the one who is given much. How true Fr… But often many of us if not all wish the titles of Prophet, Priest & King without considering the commensurate gifts we receive & are per say required to respond in that proportion to HIS FAITHFULNESS & GENEROSITY towards us. May we all seek the enlightenment to primarily respond with all humility to HIS WILL for us..


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