Chicken Haryali – a simple hack that gives you restaurant style food

Chicken Haryali

6 pieces of chicken on the bones or about 350 grams of chicken
Make a few slits on the chicken if they are large pieces. Marinate with salt and line juice and set aside for about twenty minutes .

In a blender add the ingredients given below and blend with a cube of ice to retain the lovely green colour. Add this paste to 2 tablespoons of thick hung curd or fresh cream

1 heaped table spoon of cheese or two slices of cheddar or any slice cheese
4 or 5 green chilies.
6 cloves garlic.
1″ piece ginger.
1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves.
1/2 tsp black pepper.
1/8 tsp small cardamom powder

Salt to taste.

Marinate the chicken pieces with the ground paste and keep it in the refrigerator. Leave it in the refrigerator for about twelve hours. The very process of marination softens the chicken and helps in the cooking process. Before you cook the chicken leave it standing out for about an hour so that the mixture is now at room temperature. You can bake this but I chose to fry this.

After frying the chicken you will still have some marinade left. In the pan that you have fried the chicken, remove any excess material that is left over and add the marinade and cook this for about two minutes. To this, add a slice of cheese and this will provide you with a nice thick sauce that you can pour over the fried chicken.


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7 thoughts on “Chicken Haryali – a simple hack that gives you restaurant style food”


    Awesome n tempting. GOD BLESS YOU DEAR Rev Fr

  • Awesome Fr. Blessed!

  • Nice recipe 👍 ,didn’t know before that by adding cube of ice it will keep the colour green of marination.It look tempting as well.

  • And I ticked this off too and I think the best one from all the recipes I have tried from ur site fr. Thank u for being my lucky cooking mascot. I hate cooking but your receipes all three tried… It’s 3/3. Got them all perfect… So while this comment motivates you to share more, it motivates me double to try the next one on your site…

  • Hello Fr. Warner. I cooked the latest YouTube version of your Hairyali Chicken with fresh cream, and… it was finger-licking delicious chicken dish I’ve had ever… simple, no fuss cooking – can’t wait to make another batch soon.

    Thank you Fr. for taking the time to share with us your intrinsic expertise and instilling amateurs, like me, the confidence to get into the kitchen more often. My next try will be the Goan sausage with chowli and the stuffed okra.

    Loving the simple explanations of the scripture passages interspersed during the cooking sessions… way to go… God Bless You for spreading the Faith – am enjoying learning and delving into the Bible more, through your cooking discourses and daily online Mass (something I’ve started reading during this lockdown).

    Cheers… keep the cooking videos coming…
    Thank you ever so much

  • Thank you Fr for sharing this fantastic recipie.
    It was finger licking good! Everything was swiped .


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