Childish or childlike? – Saturday, 7th week in ordinary time | Mark 10:13-16


So right away the focus of the reading is on the kingdom of God and how one should receive it. The occasion of this teaching was the apparent interruption by a group of Jewish parents who sought the blessing of Jesus for their children for He was considered by many as a prominent rabbi. Such behaviour was common practice at the time of Jesus and we see the same today with religious leaders.  The disciples rebuked them, because they felt Jesus was wasting His time on these youngsters. They, probably, thought that Jesus should be taking care of more weighty matters; and Jesus is indignant. Mark often stresses Jesus’ showing of strong feeling. (See 1:41, 43; 3:5; 7:34; 8:34; 9:19) and here it is directed at the disciples for their failure to understand Jesus and the nature of the kingdom that he preached; and that in the gospel of Mark happens repeatedly.

It is this incident that becomes the setting for one more teaching about the Kingdom of God and what kind of people can expect to be a part of it. For Jesus, only those who recognize and receive the kingdom of God as A GIFT can be a part of the kingdom. So the kingdom is for those who make no claims to power or status and like a gift, is freely given. It is not a RIGHT or a PRIVILEGE as many think it is. God gives this gift of the kingdom to all ‘his children’ who like little children receive it with joy. It is to such that the kingdom of God belongs.

The call of Jesus is not for us to be childish but childlike in our approach to faith, to God and His kingdom. Childish faith ends up in spiritual tantrums and is often manifested in petty religious issues. Childishness makes us Pharisaic. Jesus wants us to have the larger kingdom in mind and not be bogged down with trivialities of traditions associated to the faith. If we persist in childish ways then the kingdom of God will be shut to us. But for those who do receive it with open hearts, like the little children. Jesus will pick us up in his arms, lays his hands on us and bless us. The question is, are we childlike or childish?

Fr Warner D’Souza

With inputs from the JBC






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6 thoughts on “Childish or childlike? – Saturday, 7th week in ordinary time | Mark 10:13-16”

  • Thank you Fr ., It’s nice to grow in faith and learn the WORD which you deliver with great understanding.

  • Father Warner, after reading the reflection today, one thing just cross over my mind. Where are the youth of today? In the entire new testament except in the parable of prodigal son, youth are not shown anywhere not even in any of the drawings we see. It is either adult men or women or children and that too, it is either children coming to Jesue, loaf taken from small boy or Jesus when small in the temple or the first miracle when he was young. Is this the reason why youth of today are not able to identify themselves with Christ. The word “youth or young” was not prevailing at that time? I do believe the disciples must have been youth or young when they join Jesus but I fail to see that these are not even compared to youth of this day. I feel this Monty Thursday we should wash the feet of the youth indicating how the youth in those times accepted Christ the Lord.

  • the reflection on the passage is hitting the nail on its head. The teaching of the Kingdom of God in the passage and the way you have brought home the point is pretty gud father ..

    May the Word of God continue to penetrate our hearts..Praise the Lord!

  • This is really great information fr warner gonna visit THIS page everyday….GOD BLESS YOU

  • Excellent

  • Yes, very rightly ended with the question …

    All of us need to grow from often times being childish to CHILDLIKE to receive the GIFT of The KINGDOM of GOD…🙏🙏


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