Chutney of curry leaves

Chutney of curry leaves

My cook, Xavier Das has been making a new chutney each day. I thought I would share some of his recipes  with you. When one thinks of curry leaves one limits themselves to the use of this ingredient only for tempering. This chutney was unique in flavour besides Das swears that it does wonders for your hair.

One table spoon urad dal
2 tablespoons raw peanuts
Lime size ball of tamarind
3 table spoons grated coconut
One handful curry leave ( large hand )
1/2 onion or 5 Chennai onions
2 Bedgi chillies ( any red spicy version will do)

In a little oil fry the urad dal, red chilies and the onions till the onions are soft. Now add the ground nuts and fry them for a minute add the curry leaves and continue to fry for about three minutes or untill the curry leaves are crisp. Now add the grated coconut and mix it. Keep this aside and allow it to cool. When cool, grind the entire mixture along with the tamarind.

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3 thoughts on “Chutney of curry leaves”

  • I have been searching for this recipe for quite some time. I first tasted this chutney in a mission station in Bihar some years ago. The priest in charge couldn’t enlighten me because the chutney had been supplied by the nuns next door. I had to continue my tour in the afternoon, so I just gave a wistful look at the dining table and left!

  • This is a tasty recepie.. I tried it and its loved by all at home.

  • Thank you Fr. Thank you Xavier. I finally did this chutney. It tastes very very good. 🙂


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