Finding your Radhe Shyam

Finding your Radhe Shyam.

Radhe Shyam lost his father, mother and sister the night the wall of the national park collapsed killing 31 people in Malad East, Mumbai. He, has a brother, sister-in-law and a six months old niece all of whom who miraculously survived the tragic night of the first of July.

Over the last one month Bro Paolo has been tending to the wounds of  both the brothers one of whom who received a severe back injury. Each time they visited us they would recall the horrors of that night. Radhe Shyam still can’t sleep at night. He says that his dreams are filled with sadness and fear. The hole in his heart gets bigger when he goes to the piece of land he once called home, now nothing but a heap of rubble. Through these tears, Radhe Shyam and Uttam also see the ‘kind’ hand of God who spared their lives.

Now, it is time he moves on and even though he does not want to accept the home the government offers him in the polluted area of Mahul, he feels he has no choice. There is a sister whom he has to marry and a brother and his family whom he has to take care of. The injuries they suffered that night have now altered the choices they can make to earn a living; a chronic back injury does not lend itself to hard labour. 

Radhe Shyam deserves to smile, even if it was for just an evening. So when I asked him what he needed for the new rented house (read one room tenement in the slums) he turned up with a list that had ten odd items; surprising for a family that has lost all their possessions and three loved ones. I thought that this simple man who loves God (what ever his faith be ) deserves more.

On Saturday evening, I had the joy of taking Radhe Shyam to Hyper City along with Shailesh from our parish. We thrust a trolley into his hands and guided him around the supermarket. At first he was stunned, he had never seen anything like this before. We had to guide him through the aisles explaining brands and why people have so many choices that he had no clue existed. Gradually he got used to being the ‘big shopper’ while he picked one cooking spoon, four plates and continued to be modest in his choices. He smiled and his happiness brought us joy.

What did we achieve from all of this? Just a big smile from Radhe Shyam and the hope that in his grief we were able to bring some joy.The truth is that we can’t change the world, we can barely change ourselves! But we can certainly try to make a little difference in someone’s life. There is a Radhe Shyam in your home, your neighbourhood , your office, your city or some corner of the world waiting for you. I found mine

Fr Warner ÐSouza

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8 thoughts on “Finding your Radhe Shyam”

  • Thank you so much for sharing these daily experiences father. I firmly believe what you’ve written and that we can start by one. Start by smiling at 1 person, by talking to 1 person, making 1 new friend , by serving 1 person. Once we get the grace and the zeal to do it one by one and not At Once, we begin to see God’s hand in our lives helping us to serve one more, and more and more !
    Let this be our prayer that God gives us ‘One More’ every time we ask the grace to serve his people 🙂(with reference to the movie – Hacksaw Ridge).

  • So simply written yet so profound in it’s meaning… thank you Fr.Warner for this. I liked you title too…catches the reader’s eye and curiosity. 😃

  • What you did is so beautiful and inspiring It really touched my heart. Nice title too😊

  • Veronica Nelson Dsouza · Edit

    Fr you are an amazing person… Pefect gift from up above…
    You have given smile, new hope to so many of them..
    God bless you more richly Fr…
    Though havent met you.. your are a fabulous person..
    A true shepherd, helping his sheeps..

    So inspiring article..❤😇

  • Nice one. A truly Christ-like gesture. Keep up the good merciful works and thus introduce Christ to all.

  • Mercy blesses both the Giver and the Receiver. You are truly an example of the fact that Humanity still lives on. May God continue to be with you, through the good and the not so good times, Fr.

  • May the blessings of Jesus and Mother Mary be with you dear Fr. and may you have good health to continue the good work God bless.

  • Fr Warner God bless you, well said reach out to one in need, will bring a smile to his family


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