Get outside the bubble

 Get outside the bubble 

People have a right to be different and have different opinions.
Because they are different.

But I don’t need to be shown every time how wrong I am.
I can learn, I am open to it but every time is a little too much.

Instead a little empathy and curiousness about that persons point of view and life is important.

At times, empathy and kindness are more important than intelligence and knowledge
Love is the most important.
Everything has its place in its right time.

We must sometimes step beyond our knowledge and be open to getting to know people who are nothing like us.
Hear what they have to say without judging them.

Get outside the bubble.

Show me love and I’ll be more open to your knowledge.
I mean true love
The kind where I know a hundred percent that you care about me.

Visit me
Call me
Hug me
Stay in touch with me
Be there for me

Not always but at least sometimes.

I’m different.
I am not you.
You must love me and accept me for what I am.

– Cherida Fernandez

The author of this text is my sister. I was deeply moved by her reflection and thought of sharing it on my blog. Proud of you Cheri.

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