Home made meat masala

Meat masala

Tony and Pam D’mello were my neighbours when I temporarily lived in Orlem, Malad West, while my residential colony went under major repairs. They at once took me to their heart and into their kitchen. In many ways I was their adopted son. Both of them are lovers of home cooked food and Tony makes, among other things, the most mouthwatering Christmas fruit cake. I am posting their meat masala which is just divine.

Sharing food recipes is the kindest thing you can do especially if the recipes are as good as family heirlooms. Food brings joy and comfort to many. Sadly, many selfishly guard their recipes and take them to their grave. Bring joy and share your food recipes with me. 

When you make home made masalas, make sure that they are used within the week if not used fresh.

20 Kashmiri chillies – de-seeded
21/2 tablespoons – coriander seeds
1 teaspoon – cumin seeds
1/2 teaspoon – mustard seeds
21/2 teaspoon – fennel seeds
1 teaspoon – caraway seeds
2 inch – cinnamon
1 – star anise
5 – cloves
2 – black cardamoms
10 – black peppercorns
1/2 teaspoon – nagkeshar
1/2 nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon – turmeric
1/4 teaspoon – hing
11/2 tablespoon – sesame seeds
11/2 tablespoons – poppy seeds

Roast the chillies and coriander together on a pan with no oil. I prefer using an earthen ware pot. Now roast all other ingredients except turmeric, nutmeg and hing. After roasting cool all ingredients down completely. Now add all the ingredients to a spice grinder and grind till done. If you enjoyed this, say a prayer for Tony and Pam Dmello and share this with the world.

I did not have caraway seeds and nagkeshar (google to see what it looks like) but made the masala anyway. For more food recipes go to http://www.pottypadre.com/category/food/


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2 thoughts on “Home made meat masala”

  • Fr. Bless you and Tony Pam. Very kind souls. Thank you for shariing the beautiful recipes. Means a lot especially to the ones who do not know to cook well, like me. However asked the experts..but they prefer not to let the secret out. Hahaha… There are Generous people like you. 🌟☘️🎶

  • Prepared the meat masala and the chicken curry which had this masala in its recipe. Marvelous Dish. Thank you Fr. And Tony and Pam. God bless immeasurably.


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