Hymns for 2nd April ’21, Good Friday in Holy Week

Mass time: 6 pm
Mass Link : https://bit.ly/fr-warner-youtube


1. Into your hands
I commend my spirit O Lord
Into your hands,
I commend my life.

It’s you, O Lord, who are my sanctuary
So let me not be put to shame.
Into your hands I commend my spirit, Lord
Redeem me, Lord, and set me free.

Both friend and foe run far away from me
They look at me with fear and scorn
I have become an object of reproach
A man forgotten placed with the dead.


2. Christ became obedient unto death,
Unto death. A death upon the cross
Therefore God has raised him to the heights
Giving him a name above all names


3. Response to the Passion

a. Jesus of Nazareth.

b. Aren’t you also one of his disciples?

c. If this man were not an evil doer, we would not have handed him over.

d. It is not lawful for us to put any one to death.

e. Not this man but Barabbas.

f. Hail King of the Jews (2)

g. Crucify him Crucify him.

h. We have a law and by that law he ought to die because he has made himself the Son of God.

i. If you release this man you are not Caesar’s friend, everyone who makes himself a King sets himself against Caesar.

j. Away with him, Away with him, Crucify him crucify him.

k. We have no King but Caesar.

l. Do not write the King of the Jews but this man said, I am King of the Jews.

m. Let us not tear it but let us cast lots for it to see whose it shall be.


4. Behold, behold the wood of the cross
On which hung the saviour of the world.
O come, O come and worship the Lord,
O come let us worship the Lord.



5. जो क्रूस पे कुर्बान है, वो मेरा मसीहा है
हर जख्म जो उसका है, वो मेरे गुनाह का है,
वो मेरे गुनाह का है

देने को मुझे जीवन, खुद मौत सही उसने,
खुद मौत सही उसने
क्या खूब है कुर्बानी, क्या प्यार अनोखा है,
क्या प्यार अनोखा हैहै

इस दुनिया में ले आये, मेरे ही गुनाह उसको,
मेरे ही गुनाह उसको
यह जुल्म सितम उसपर, मैंने ही कराया है,
मैंने ही कराया है


6. घ्या नि खा देह माझा,
छिन्नविछिन्न तुमच्यासाठी
घ्या नि प्या रक्त माझे,
भळभळ वाहे तुमच्यासाठी

मी भुकेला कुणी न पाही,
मी तहानलेला जीवन एकाकी
मी अनाथ मायबाप नाही,
एकटा मी कुणी मज नाही

जातिभ्रष्ट मी, शोषित मीची,
लोक निंदय मी, भग्नह्र्दयी मी
दुषित मीची, शापित मीची,
शोषित मीची, मीची पापी




























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