Lenten breakfast – Missal Pav

Lenten breakfast – Missal Pav
Today was my version of Missal Pav. The ingredients are displayed in the picture with the exception of salt. It contains white chana 75 gms, curry leaves two sprigs, two green chilies, one large onion, one large tomato, one tea spoon of garlic and ginger paste,  one tea spoon red chilly powder, half tea spoon, one tea spoon turmeric powder, one tea spoon coriander powder, one tea spoon cumin powder, salt, a small ball of tamarind, fresh coriander and mint to be added last with the farsan.

Here are a few tips

1. I add some salt when I I add the dry powder masalas to the pan. This helps drop the temperature and prevents the powdered spices from burning
2. Two whistles in a pressure cooker and another ten minutes on slow fire does the trick.
3. When cooked, mash some of the cooked white chana with the back of a spoon. This helps you get a nice thick gravy.
4. Don’t forget to soak the white chana overnight in water.
5. A few sprigs of fresh mint along with fresh coriander gives it that final kick.
6. Soak your tamarind and then extract the pulp. Do not add all the tamarind pulp/juice but add a little at a time, taste and then add more.
7. Any farsan is good to top up. I prefer the mixed farsan.

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